Big futures come from small schools

School Age Summer Child Care (children having completed)  Kindergarten - 7th grade

​June 8- August 26

Hours of operation are restricted

to maintain a stable cohort

7 am to 5:30  Beginning July 20 

there will be a 7-4:30 group and a 8- 5:30 group. 

908 West Arrow Highway, San Dimas California, 91773

(909) 599-2299

Dove Day School


  • Physical Distancing as required by LACDPH
  • Supervised hand washing 
  • Temperature checks upon arrival
  • Playground sharing for group separation
  • Recreational Swim when determined safe by LACDPH


  • Skill appropriate activities to build "I'm good at math"
  • Reading for fun and group participation
  • Writing to tell your group a story
  • Science, building machines to demonstrate physics 


  • Instruction in different mediums
  • Art materials available throughout the day
  • Lots of take home stuff to be proud of​