Big futures come from small schools

We enjoy our Intermediate students as they embody the best of our efforts.  They are confident, kind, and knowledgeable.  Their opinions and values are part of our campus personality because they are the leaders.

Dove Day School's limited enrollment offers the individual something easily lost on a large campus; the Individual.  Keeping the pre-high schoolers surrounded by adults that know and appreciate them creates accountability.  We use a home school model in presenting curriculum.  The classroom provides structure for challenging academics and they can hit the road to enrich themes.  

The interaction of the students with the community widens their frame.  These students are aiming past high school into their college degrees.  They have the courage to face "what is possible for me when I grow up?"   Really, what can't you do when you dream of it from Intermediate School?

  • Science and Social Science: A looped cycle makes the most of Common Core enrichment giving the whole class an opportunity to learn what they ought and saturate the topics that really inspire.
  • Language Art goals can often be satisfied with work from other subjects leaving time for composing original work putting opinions and theory into comprehensive written works. 
  • Literature circle; the group reads together with an emphasis on the deconstruction of plots and character discussions.  Drawing from a variety of genre gives every reader a chance to find their favorite author or style.
  • Physical Fitness with an eye to life long vitality includes the tools necessary to appreciate organized sports in the hopes that our students will be more likely to participate in the physical activities of a healthy lifestyle.  
  • Sign Language instruction continues with some students showing remarkable apptitude and interest in building their communication repertoire. 
  • Math goals are a balance of state mandates, ability, and national expectations.  California Common Core in Mathematics directs the educator to provide many avenues to understanding concepts, helping students become mathematical thinkers. When math makes sense any dream can be realized.                                    ​                                                                 

Dove Day School

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Private Middle School Grades 7 & 8

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