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Dove Day School

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Non-sectarian Private School

The learner is central to curriculum.

Building on what we already know, reaching for new skills using established mastery, and really focusing on things that we find interesting are some of the ways humans progress.  As a system it would be easier if we could just count on the "date of manufacture" to indicate what a student is ready to learn - but that isn't the way it actually works.  

Our combination classes allow the teacher time to understand each student's interests, and learning style. The student's familiarity with their resources provides the opportunity to have say in their own outcomes.  The learner has responsibility in a powerful way.  We use small groups for academics and combine skill groups for topics like science and social science with the goals tailored to the individual's interest and capacity.   

908 West Arrow Highway, San Dimas California, 91773

(909) 599-2299

Private Elementary serving Kindergarten through 6th Grade