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We proudly partner with ECOLAB for our Integrated Pest Management Plan

By taking advantage of the natural state of inquiry (it looks like "getting into stuff") the Early Childhood Educator is lead by the child's developmental curiosities.  Our preschool has four groups designed to follow the individual from toddler like needs through to school preparation.

  • Busy Bees: this is the first stop from the infant/toddler program.  The children are still toddlers but ready for more!  They learn to take care of their own needs and begin to notice the power of language.  Learning happens with every sense in every moment.
  • The Garden Room - when a Bee settles down, where else would they go?  There aren't any diapers in this room - these children are on to group times, messy science, and cooking.  Colors, shapes, and name recognition are the school skills begun in the Garden Room.
  • The Discovery Room - each school year this group begins their two-year count down to Kindergarten.  They follow the "Letter (or number) of the week" through a series of activities that stand alone as events of interest.  Over the course of this introductory year they realize that the sounds of language have names and the words we say in rote counting are numbers.
  • Transitional Kindergarten - The students are veterans by now.  They have just enough experience to enjoy the anticipation and just enough knowledge to begin to see the point!  These children are in the home stretch to Kindergarten; playing with the skills they will later depend on in their academic future.

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