Dove Day School

Kinder-skills for the summer before Kindergarten

Start of school feels like it's bearing down on you but your Kinder-candidate likely feels "it will never get here!", "When do I start Kindergarten?", "Why am I still in pre-school?"  Anticipation can easily grow into anxiety, but why?  Let's just get going now!  

Dove Day School started our Kinder-skills class to take the pressure off.  This cross over program has the fun of pre-school and hints of academics.  Their day goes quickly with a routine similar to that of a Kindergarten classroom. Our Kindergarten teacher takes the children through pre-math, pre-reading, themes in science and social studies, free choice centers, and work shops in writing.  She connects the day with singing transitions, art projects, science messes and outdoor play on our tree filled playground. This is still Summer Camp  but these "big kids" can see themselves in Kindergarten.  

Big futures come from small schools

908 West Arrow Highway, San Dimas California, 91773

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