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Infant and Toddler Care, 6 weeks to 24 months

Big futures come from small schools

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Babies are working hard, learning constantly, and deserve:

  • A safe, predictable environment with
  • routine procedures provided with respectful and satisfying interactions.
  • A developmentally conscious program and
  • caring adults that respond to coos and giggles as intensely as they respond to distress.
  • Time and space to work on the skills within their own agenda at their own pace.
  • Facility License # 198016683

Dove Day School

Magda Gerber made us take a new look at babies, her innovations have become the professional standard for our priorities in caring for infants.  R.I.E. (Resources for Infant Educarers) promotes a nature of respect for the individual babies processes and priorities.  Much has been written lately about extreme ideas that don't have a place in the infant center, but at the core we find our babies thrive with the extra measure of dignity they are given.

In the Infant Rooms we have found that babies are happier if everyone is on the floor.  Floor time is more satisfying, crawlers and cruisers feel free to explore when their caregiver is sitting with them rather than standing over them.  Babies need to see us speak, they love our faces, they are attracted to our laps and they feel brave when we are close to them.  Schedules are initiated by the baby, with a "Daily Sheet" providing a record of all the needs met during the day.  Our staff is happy to accommodate the needs of the breast feeding couples, cloth diapers, and homemade food. 

In the Toddler Space climbing opportunities, toys on shelves, let's pretend props, and art materials give the walking population more than they could manage in their infancy.  Toddlers are at liberty as they eat, learning to sit but not strapped in the low chairs.  It's in this age group that the sharing dilemma begins, some toys don't even look like fun until a friend picks it up.

Cleaning? Hourly diaper checks build an expectation of comfort making potty training easier later.  Caregivers talk through the changing, modeling the language a baby can use later to express their own needs.  Linens and cloth toys are also kept fresh with daily laundering and hard toys are put through the dishwasher.   The room cleaning is supervised by our lead teachers so they have complete control over the details that keep their little ones clean and well.

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